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Fun Wedding Photographer

Hi! Thanks very much for finding my wedding photography, what took you so long!? On this page I wanted to take a moment to say that wedding photography doesn’t have to be staged and serious. Who wants photos where you look like mannequins and slightly strange ‘wedding versions’ of your real selves?

Fun Photos of the Real You

I want your pictures to show the true personalities of you, your friends and your family. Relaxed, happy, goofy, dancing like nobody’s watching. I want you to know that you can completely be yourselves on your wedding day and I won’t be cramping your style by telling you exactly where to put your hands.

Simply Natural Wedding Photography

I have to confess that I have been known to take a few slightly serious pictures. My style isn’t what some might call “alternative wedding photography.” I think that can date pretty quickly. Beautiful, creative, authentic pictures of you having the best fun will be timeless.

Almost all of my photography is in a relaxed documentary style – which quite simply means – you be you and I’ll be there to photograph every bit of your day as it naturally unfolds. That’s from the kind of serious bits right through to party time.

Bride and groom smiling and waving on their wedding day.
Bride and groom smiling.
Fun wedding photography

Wedding Films Too!

I am both a wedding photographer and also a wedding videographer. Working alongside a colleague on the day we can provide either, both or neither of these services to you for your wedding day.


“Chris was a very chilled presence during the day, just capturing moments and stayed well into the dancing for some wonderful party shots! Tons of fun, natural shots with a mix of classic family shots too. We looked at several photographers, and just loved Chris’ portfolio. The results from the day were even better than we could have hoped for! Highly, highly recommend!!!”
Wainani & Ben, married in Norfolk.

“It still amazes me that Chris – despite not knowing these people – took photos that captured their characters as well as their likeness. He captures both image and personality, and his photos are brimming with life. I genuinely don’t have the words for how brilliant Chris’ photographs are. I defy anyone to meet him and then NOT want him to take their photos, or see his work and not be arranging their wedding for when he’s free.”
Vic & Greg, married in London.

“AMAZING! The photographs that Chris took at our wedding captured the precious moments that would normally be missed by your standard wedding photographer. Chris felt more like a wedding guest to us, than just a photographer. We had so much fun – I cannot thank Chris enough for being part of our big day.”
J&C, married in Cambridge.

Fun wedding photography
Fun wedding photography
Fun wedding photography

About Me

The first good photograph I took was of Bob Dylan. It was with a simple 35mm film camera at a music festival many years ago. The picture was just a snapshot, but it captured the spirit of the day – which is what it’s all about.

Photography and music have always been linked for me as I spent many years photographing concerts and musicians for a newspaper. All through this time I was learning how to use a camera and how to photograph people and it was a wonderful way to learn.

Today I’m a wedding photographer and videographer and could not be happier. If you feel a connection to my style of photography it would be a pleasure to join you on your wedding adventure and to document your special day.

Fun dancing wedding photography
Taylor Swift in a wedding photo
Wedding fireworks

Lots of Party Photos!

Unlike some wedding photographers, I don’t disappear right after the first dance. The party is special as it’s when you get to really celebrate your wedding. All of the formal bits are over, so it’s time to really enjoy yourself – and I’ll be there on the dancefloor to capture your very best dance moves to be seen for generations to come.

Covering the UK and Destinations Worldwide

I am a Cambridge wedding photographer, but half of all of the weddings I cover are overseas. I love to travel and no wedding is ever too far. Recent destinations include Marbella, London, Brighton, Toronto, and Lake Como. Wherever in the world you’re getting married and partied, I’d love to be there.

Couple on a boat on their wedding day in Lake Como.
London wedding
A bride and groom.

Looking For a Photographer for Your Fun, Carefree Wedding?

If you’re getting married and are looking for a photographer who can capture spirit of your ceremony and celebrations in a unique, natural style, I’d love to hear from you.