The 11 Best Ever Gifts For Photographers (I Promise!)

I have been a photographer for over 10 years and have been lucky enough to receive a few great gifts aimed at my love of photography. Yes, I have received a few terrible gifts too and here I will use those experiences to guide you towards only the very best gift ideas for photographers. A lot of care has gone into researching and keeping this list up-to-date. Please do note that any links to online sellers such as Amazon will earn me a small commission at no cost to you. Happy shopping!

1. An Amazing Photography Book – William Eggleston’s Guide.

This famous and influential photography book by William Eggleston will be an inspiration to any photographer. He is my favourite photographer, so that’s why it’s top of the gift list. His photography captures everyday scenes in a creative and subtly beautiful way. It will help any photographer how to see the world in a new light.

2. A Stylish Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit.

One difficult thing when choosing a gift for a photographer is whether what you’re buying them is compatible with the camera equipment they already own. That is why I think a high quality lens cleaning kit is such a fantastic idea – it will be useful to every photographer. Zeiss is one of the most respected names in photography – they are famous for making superb lenses. So what better company to trust than Zeiss when cleaning your lenses? This stylish kit contains an air blower, dust brush, lens cleaning solution, a Zeiss-branded microfibre cloth and 10 lens cleaning wipes.

3. A fun Holga ‘toy’ camera.

It is likely that you weren’t planning on buying a new camera for your photographer friend, but hear me out. There is no photographer in the world who doesn’t want another camera for their collection and this quirky ‘toy’ camera would make a fun addition. Put simply the Holga is a relatively cheap plastic camera with a plastic lens – but that’s the point. It uses film and can create photographs that have such a fun and playful analogue look to them. Just writing about it now is making me want to buy one again – I used to have great fun with these.

3. A silver photo frame to showcase their work.

As a photographer I will admit that I don’t print and display enough of my photographs. In these times photos are looked at for seconds and then swiped away. I think that a beautiful, modern-looking silver photo frame would be an amazing gift as it would encourage the photographer in your life to print their own work. It’s a nice way of telling them that their images should be on display. While researching silver frames for this spot I found two at very different prices. The first is a solid sterling silver frame that looks wonderful. The other option is a more subtle silver frame, but one that looks equally tasteful.