Athens with Contax T2 and Kodak Tri-X film


So this is the second Athens I've been to. It's not the historic birthplace of one of my favourite bands, REM, but it is home to some pretty cool stuff too.

So, Athens the one in Greece, was wonderful to visit. Before I arrived all I could think of was how nice the stone of the Acropolis would look photographed with some rolls of black and white film that I had spare.

I know it would be really cool if I just went to Athens because I had some spare black and white film and I thought that was the most artistically appropriate place to use them up. It wasn't like that though, I’m not quite that cool.

I’ve actually been thinking that would be a fun game to play. Matching cities to film stocks. Which one film would you choose for Barcelona, for New York or Berlin?

Anyway, all of these photographs are taken with my Contax T2 and Kodak Tri X 400 film. I think it’s a pretty good match for Athens. I had thought that something even grainier might have been nice, but I’m actually really happy with these. I love the shades, the tones - I don’t really have the words, but it feels right.

I don't even think I've used this famous film before. I'm not much of an expert on different films to be honest, but I'm really enjoying exploring.  It's fun getting them developed, scanning them and I guess just seeing how it makes you feel.

With colour photographs it's all about, well the colours I suppose. Certain greens or reds can just about make your heart swoon. In black and white films, it's about the tones and contrast and the grain. And the mix of those. And the mix of all of those with the subject too.

I know the word filter has become synonymous with digital photography and even Instagram these days, but film is a filter of sorts. It's not the final medium. The negative isn't the final expression of the picture. It's a filter as it's a middle state between the lens and the print. Or lens and computer screen. And that's fine too.

I did take some digital photos in Athens, but here and now I just wanted to put this collection together with, mostly,  my black and white film photos. I hope you enjoy them.