Barnstaple photographed with Fuji X-T3 and 35mm f2

Barnstaple with Fuji X-T3 and 35mm Lens

Hi everyone. I'm starting to write this in a hotel room in Devon - that's a pretty, coastal county in the South West of England, in case you didn't know. I say that as I was looking at my channel the other day and just over 10 percent of people who watch are from the UK. I don't really know why I expected it to be more than that, but having so many people from other countries watching it's great. So hi.

OK then, back to Devon - of course I’ve come here for a wedding. It's quite a distance from where I live near Cambridge, with a couple of changes the train journey was over 5 hours.

I do love traveling by train - you can just switch off and relax and take pictures of clouds out of the window, and you're not really allowed to do that when you're driving a car. Not in England at least.

The train took me to the town of Barnstaple and I spent the afternoon walking around with my camera and trying out a few bars and cafes. Just like I would do anywhere.

My most recent travel posts have shown my pictures of Rome, Athens and Milan. So I'm happy to add the very English town of Barnstaple to this collection. I wish I'd stayed a couple more days and visited the nearby coast. For a long time I've been fascinated by surf photography. That's on my list to do one day.

My camera for all of these pictures was the Fuji XT3 with the 35mm f2 lens. I really enjoyed using the camera just walking around town. But I think it's reaffirmed to me that the focal length is tighter than I'd like. I'm much more used to the X100 as my carry everywhere camera - the 23mm lens lets in quite a lot more of the environment and it makes a big difference to me.

I remember someone saying that Henri Cartier-Bresson made his pictures with the 50mm lens breathe a lot and not feel so tight. Not by any particular act of genius - I guess just by moving back a bit to take in more of the scene. Tell me if there's another way of doing that. But as much as you can try, there are times you just can't do that. I often felt a little cramped in some of these smaller Devonshire streets with that same focal length.