Fujifilm 14mm lens in Cambridge with sample pictures.

Fuji 14mm lens sample photos

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Hi everybody. Today has been a beautiful day and I spent it walking around Cambridge taking pictures with  my Fuji 14mm lens.

The weather over the past few days has just got better and better and today has felt like a summer’s day.

I thought it would be interesting to spend the whole day with the lens around town and show you some of the pictures. I know what it's like when I want to buy a new lens - I just want to see lots of pictures taken with it - I hope it's useful.

This 14mm is actually a pretty great lens for Cambridge. Our tall buildings aren't New York tall. Even on narrow English streets this lens can capture some beautiful architecture. The churches, the college chapels, the angels in the architecture.

It's probably more important to know that I was listening to Paul Simon on my headphones as it is to mention these shots are taken with my Fuji XT3 camera.

It was a wonderful mixture - and I do wonder how the music you listen to influences the pictures you take.

As I stood on one bridge and saw two people looking out over the river, Paul Simon sung into my ears -

“Will I wake up from these violent dreams?
With my hair as white as the morning moon?
Questions for the angels.”

He likes his angels, Paul Simon.

Did I see the couple and then notice the words or did the lyric focus my mind a little?

Walking around Trinity College in the sunshine made me feel extremely lucky to live so close to Cambridge. It was as beautiful as I've ever seen it. People sitting on the side of the river, people punting, the bowler-hatted porters patrolling. It was all washed in sunshine as the city went around in a sort of hazy, lazy clockwork.

Walking around many of these colleges brings back some great memories. I have photographed weddings and most of them and it's nice to go back. Clare, Downing, Trinity Hall, King's of course. Cambridge has lots of memories everywhere. I was born here, but I don't remember that.

The image quality of this lens is what it is - it's superb and I recommend it completely. I have so enjoyed using it all day. It's been very liberating, having recently been using a telephoto lens.

From the top of St Mary's church it can frame so much of the streets below. On the pavement it can swallow up whole churches and as the sun went down it looked across the flat Cambridge horizon. And it caught the final rays of sun touching the blossom on the trees of the city’s register office car park. I’ve photographed a few weddings there too.

When the new 16mm f2.8 lens was released recently I wondered to myself if that slightly cheaper, slightly narrower, but considerably smaller lens would maybe be the one to have.

But I've enjoyed myself so much today that I won't be selling the 14mm in a hurry. As they say - go a little bit wider or go home.