Returning to Rome. Photos with my Fujifilm X100T, X-Pro2 & X100F

rome with fujifilm X-PRO2

A short while ago I showed you some pictures from Rome taken with my Contax T2 and some colour film. But you know I couldn't leave the house, let alone England without my Fuji X100F. So here are some more pictures - that’s the way it works.

Anyway, these pictures are actually from two visits to Rome - in summer 2016 with an XPro 2 and X100T and winter 2019 with the X100F.

I remember my first trip was on the eve of the EU referendum and my most recent was, possibly, on the eve of departure. If you live in the UK you'll know that the constant discussion on the TV and radio can be both entertaining and very tiring. I even spotted some Italian TV coverage while I was there. We're quite the talk of the town at the moment.

Looking at these buildings and walking around this beautiful old city does put current politics into perspective. Changes do happen and life goes on. I often forget how young Italy is - as the country we know today.

The ancient buildings provide a sense of continuity though. I love how cities and buildings are a kind of stage - that although time passes and you can return to that same point. Your life and the world may have changed a great deal, but the stage is the still the same.

Not that change is a bad thing. You might return to a city much happier than you were before and it highlights that too.

I have photos of both of my parents in Rome, before I was born, and long before they even met. The city was there for them both to visit and was waiting for me to experience just as they did all those years ago.

I haven't included the picture of my mum as we both agreed you couldn't really tell it was Rome and you couldn’t particularly tell it was her either

But I love the picture of my dad.

In 2016 I carried this photo of my dad with me to the Vatican. He visited in the 1960s while in the royal navy. At the time I couldn't get to the steps he's pictured on, but I do like this picture of the picture.