Wedding photography with Ilford Delta 3200

Wedding photography with Ilford Delta 3200

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At one of my recent weddings I took along my Contax T2 and shot just one roll of Ilford Delta 3200. I didn't quite get enough keepers from that one roll to put a video together, so I thought I'd show you some assorted wedding photos taken with the same film over the past year or so.

I do think this is one of my all-time favourite films - and certainly my favourite black and white film. I have very fond memories of using this to photograph live music shows about ten years ago. It's grainy and often gritty, but it can have a beautiful softness too.

I guess it's a film that announces that it's film. The grain probably does that most of all. You do lose some detail, but you completely make that up with the feel. And what's more important than that?

I should say a few words about using this particular film for weddings. I guess it wouldn't be most people's first choice  I believe that I've mentioned this before, but I often try to un wedding weddings. I should probably make a video just on that thought, but what I mean by it is I don't like to overplay the dreamy romantic side. I think that can turn a genuine moment and feeling into a bit of a cliché.

A bit of sugar goes a very long way and I don't want my pictures looking sickly sweet. So at times I head in the other direction and underplay that side of things. Not always, but it's just something I'm very mindful of. And there's no better film to help do that than this one.

And at the moment it's not part of my regular wedding photography routine, but when I do choose to use film, this is the one that I enjoy the results from most.

At 3200 it's definitely a film for indoors. My Contax T2 only has a shutter speed up to 1/500 of a second, so it's very tough using it outside with that camera. Some people have suggested holding an ND filter in front of the lens, but I don't think that's something I would enjoy doing at a fast-paced wedding.

These pictures are taken with a real mix of cameras from the tiny Fujifilm Natura Black, the Nikon F601, the Contax G1 and of course the Contax T2. I still own them all except the G1, so I have options for the summer ahead

As much as I love the compactness of the T2, I think I’ll be using the Nikon SLR more in the future - I love the shallow depth of field the 50mm lens gives me and I’ll also be able to put an ND filter on it for outside shots.

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