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King's College Wedding Photographer

Hello, and thank you very much for taking the time to look through my wedding photography. I am a Cambridge wedding photographer who loves to document wedding days in a relaxed, natural style.

On this page I have collected some of my favourite photographs from King’s College weddings. I hope these will provide some inspiration to you if you’re planning your own wedding at King’s.

These pictures include photographs from the world-famous chapel, gorgeous gardens and beautiful main hall.

King's College wedding photography of bridesmaids hugging the bride.

King’s College Chapel

I hope in these pictures from the chapel you will get a sense of the scale and beauty of this building. The light stone walls reflect the sunlight beautifully – especially in the famous east end of the chapel where the Rubens painting hangs by the altar. I also make sure to photograph closer pictures as the ceremony proceeds and try to feature the bride and groom and guests too.

A wide view of a wedding service in King's College Chapel in Cambridge.
A wide view of a wedding service in King's College Chapel in Cambridge.
A bride and groom exchange rings during a wedding service at King's College.
King's College Cambridge Wedding Photography
King's College Cambridge Wedding Photography
A bride and groom exchange rings during a wedding service at King's College.
A young girl plays in the aisle at a wedding in King's College Chapel.
A bride and groom hold hands as they walk back down the aisle after their wedding at King's.
A bride and groom hold hands while seated during their wedding ceremony. In the foreground is the priest's bright yellow robe.

King’s College Grounds

Next we move outside. King’s College offers exquisite grounds that are perfect for your drinks reception and wedding photos. The combination of stunning architecture and beautiful gardens, creates quite an idyllic setting. It’s all a fantastic backdrop for your afternoon drinks and of course for your photos.

A view from inside King's College Chapel - the large doors are open and outside you can see wedding guest and the field of wild flowers.
A bride with 11 bridesmaids outside King's College Chapel.
Wedding guests walking through the field of wild flowers in the grounds of King's College.
A bride and bridesmaids at King's College.
Cambridge wedding photographer
A wedding reception on the lawn of King's College.
A bride and groom walk through wild flowers in Cambridge.

Some Outdoor Speeches

You might recall that a few years ago holding events outside in the fresh air was quite the fashion. That’s behind us now fortunately, but I really love how these pictures show a twist on tradition. As a photographer I am always excited by the prospect things happening a little differently – and in beautiful natural light.

Wedding speeches are given outside at King's College in Cambridge.
A bride gives a speech outside in the grounds of King's College in Cambridge.
A crowd is gathered outside in the grounds of King's College in Cambridge to hear wedding speeches.
A best man toasts the bride and groom outside in the grounds of King's College.
A bride gives a speech outside in the grounds of King's College in Cambridge.

King’s College Hall

Here are some pictures from the ornate King’s College Hall – set up for both a large and intimate wedding breakfast.

A wedding reception at King's College Hall - a table is laid with flowers on it.
A bride and groom laugh during their wedding breakfast at King's College Hall
King's College wedding - a table laid for the wedding breakfast.
King's College wedding - a bride and groom look at the beautiful flowers on their table.
King's College Hall full of people for a wedding breakast.
A wedding bouquet of flowers on the table inside King's College Hall.
The father of the groom says grace before dinner at King's College in Cambridge.

On King’s Parade

If your wedding is taking place at King’s College, then there’s no real reason to go outside onto the streets. However, King’s Parade has been the setting for some of my favourite pictures. Here is one photograph from a pre-wedding photoshoot in Cambridge, a bride walking to the ceremony with her bridesmaids, and brief dance on the garden wall at night.


“Chris took photographs of my husband and I both as a couples photo shoot in Cambridge and at our wedding. He is so unassuming that you very quickly feel relaxed and at ease…and that’s from someone who has always hated having their photo taken. Until Chris took my photo I honestly don’t think I had ever looked good in one, but these I was happy to have enlarged and hung on the walls!”
Vic & Greg

“Chris photographed our wedding and we couldn’t be happier with the photos. He is a true artist, and did an amazing job capturing the day in a natural and beautiful way. Also, throughout the planning process he was excellent with communication and after the fact he sent us the finished photos in less than a week! I highly recommend!”
Ashley & Paul

“We honestly could not have asked for more from a photographer than Chris delivered. He cared deeply about our enjoyment and memories of our wedding day – from going the extra mile to get the perfect shot, to pleasantly and pragmatically negotiating the photography rules at our particularly venue. The quality of the final product was great, and we’re ecstatic with the blown up versions we’ve now had wall-mounted.”
Ralph & Wing, married in Cambridge

A wedding procession out of King's College chapel.

About Me

The first good photograph I took was of Bob Dylan. It was with a simple 35mm film camera at a music festival many years ago. The picture was just a snapshot, but it captured the spirit of the day – which is what it’s all about.

Photography and music have always been linked for me as I spent many years photographing concerts and musicians for a newspaper. All through this time I was learning how to use a camera and how to photograph people and it was a wonderful way to learn.

Today I’m a wedding photographer and videographer and could not be happier. It would be a pleasure to join you on your wedding adventure and to document your celebrations.

Chris Boland - Wedding Photographer
A bride and groom embracing on a punt on the River Cam with King's College in the background

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If you are getting married at King’s College and are looking for a photographer to document your day in style, then I would love to hear from you.