Lake Como Wedding Videographer

Lake Como Wedding Videographer

I am a wedding videographer covering Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy. I specialise creating in beautiful wedding films for destination weddings.

Beautiful Lake Como Wedding Films

Lake Como is the perfect setting for your wedding celebrations. It mixes breathtaking natural beauty and many of the most stylish resorts in Italy.

Lake Como Wedding Videographer

About Me

The first good photograph I took was of Bob Dylan. It was with a simple 35mm film camera at a music festival many years ago. The picture was just a snapshot, but it captured the spirit of the day – which is what it’s all about.

Photography and music have always been linked for me as I spent many years photographing concerts and musicians for a newspaper. All through this time I was learning how to use a camera and how to photograph people and it was a wonderful way to learn.

Today I’m a wedding photographer and videographer and could not be happier. It would be a pleasure to join you on your wedding adventure and to document your celebrations.

Lake Como Wedding Films

Whatever your plans for your wedding day, if you are looking for a Lake Como wedding videographer to help capture special moments and details with a relaxed, classic style that matches the day – I’d love to hear from you.

Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

I am both a Lake Como wedding videographer and wedding photographer. Working alongside a colleague I can offer both of these services to you on your wedding day.

When I am asked to provide both services I am able to able to co-ordinate the photography and videography smoothly and seamlessly on the day. This isn’t always the case when two different companies are working together as they may have different artistic styles and different ways of working. My aim is to document your day in a beautiful, relaxed and timeless style and in a completely discreet manner.