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Film wedding photographer in UK

your wedding day on timeless film

Hello and thank you for finding my photography and films. I am a film wedding photographer and I love to document the romance and happiness of wedding days in a style that’s beautiful and timeless. I believe that film is perfect for such a special day. I would love to photograph your wedding day in whole or it part with beautiful 35mm film.

beautiful colours for your wedding

I love the subtle grain of film, the beautiful warm skin-tones and gorgeous greens. However, I think it’s that magical, timeless character that you can’t perfectly describe that makes it so special.

film photography options

If you feel the same way about film photography as me then I would love to talk to you about photographing your wedding. I offer options for my couples to have their day documented purely with 35mm film or in a mixture of digital and analogue.

Wedding photography on black and white film.
Wedding photography with black and white 35mm film.
35mm analogue wedding photo of wedding dress.
Wedding venue filmed with analogue film.
Wedding guest photographed with grainy black and white film - she is sitting on a chair.
Wedding ceremony photographed with analogue film.
A groom holding a glass of whiskey - photographed with analogue film.

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